In recent years, many misconceptions about the role of the public adjuster in the insurance claims process have led to increased attention from law makers and elected officials. As part of his role as President of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, Goodman-Gable-Gould/Adjusters International's Vice President Pat Cuccaro strives to not only refute these misunderstandings, but to educate the public on reputable public adjusting practices.

Florida Voices, "The State Opinion Page," recently gave Mr. Cuccaro the opportunity to address the need for elected officials to continue to protect the rights of the policyholder in "Public Insurance Adjusters: A Vital Consumer Protection."

"...One of the most important of these protections for property owners is the public adjuster, who helps property owners through the often-complicated claims process to ensure they receive the coverage as outlined in their policies..."

The full article, "Public Insurance Adjusters: A Vital Consumer Protection" is available online.