Why You Need a Public Adjuster We oversee the entire claim process and negotiate appropriate settlements.

Losing your home to a disaster is one of the most traumatizing things to happen in life. Though you need the time to process what has happened and take care of your family, you are thrown into dealing with the complicated insurance claims process, which is most likely a process that you have never before encountered. As your insurance company brings in a team of experts to protect their financial exposure arising from your claim, you have the right to hire your own team of experts to level the playing field and work exclusively on your behalf. These experts are public adjusters.

Public Adjuster
Company Insurance Adjuster

Reviews your homeowners insurance policy with you, develops a claims strategy, measures and documents the damage in detail, prepares and presents the claims, and negotiates your settlements.


Documents the damage on behalf of the insurance company to determine a settlement offer.

Our fee is based upon a small percentage of the final settlement amount.


Paid by the insurance company to protect its financial exposure to your claim.

Licensed and bonded by states to represent your interests. We are also members of key public insurance adjusting associations.


Qualifications may differ based on the insurer and other variables.

Our team levels the playing field, protects your interests and secures equitable settlements in a reasonable time frame.


The insurance company adjuster and their plethora of hired experts protect the financial exposure of the insurer arising from your claim.

We are your unwavering advocates, working only for you!