Below Are Important Recommended Steps:

  • In the event a pipe bursts, shut off water to prevent further damage and save the damaged pipe (which the insurance company may want to see).
  • Take photos of all damaged areas.
  • Arrange for a remediation company to work immediately to mitigate your losses/perform emergency services (water extraction, dehumidification, etc.). When mitigating a loss, it is often necessary to perform moisture mapping — this will monitor moisture levels and indicate which areas of wet drywall need to be removed.
  • Water often travels behind walls, under floors, and throughout elevator shafts. Thorough investigation will
    allow you to determine the extent of damages and proper permanent repairs needed.
  • Have an expert review your property insurance policy to verify that you have appropriate coverage.
  • Have your public adjuster and emergency service vendors on speed dial (and know their procedures for
    being reached 24-7) to be ready to respond immediately in the event of an emergency.

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