Our decision to engage you with your team of professionals was key to ensuring a satisfactory resolution. Your knowledge of the insurance industry; presentation of data to justify the amount claimed; keen negotiating skills and professionalism were evident throughout the process.

Donnetta S. Butler
Chair of Trustees
Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church


Four buildings on the church campus suffered significant damage from the March 3rd Nashville tornado — the main building, its centerplex/office area, the daycare center, and the pastor’s house.


  • The church needed help to begin and maintain communication with the insurance company during the claims process. This was critical, since the church had to frequently update its congregation on when it would be back up and running.
  • The church’s damaged gym floor was outdated, making it almost impossible to replace with the same materials it was originally built with. The church had to understand if and how it was covered through replacement cost insurance.
  • This was not just a property insurance claim for structural damage — business interruption insurance had to be factored into the claim.
  • The church had to meet deadlines in the claims process, so the recovery was not delayed for the sake of its congregation.

Solutions Applied

  • Our expert claims management team was instrumental in coordinating all parties involved toward the goal of securing a fair and equitable settlement for the church.
  • Our team documented and valued the damage in detail, including the business interruption losses.
  • On behalf of the church, we negotiated its settlement with the insurance company.
  • Our public adjuster used his unmatched property insurance knowledge and claim expertise to help the church build a timeline for the repairs in relation to when their settlement funds would be available, enabling the church to properly communicate the rebuilding process with its congregation.


The tornado damage was originally estimated at $2.5 million. In the end, our licensed public adjuster secured a settlement of over $3.7 million for the church.