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... There were two principal areas in which [GGG/AI] excelled, they were - “Communications” and “Results.” I was informed timely by [GGG/AI] associates during every step of the adjustment process ... The results were… Read More about Joseph S. Brown, Jr.

Joseph S. Brown, Jr., Senior VP

Dupont Plaza Hotel, Inc.

... [GGG/AI] immediately had [staff] on site doing a very in-depth inspection of the property damage and later conducting a thorough analysis of the loss of income that occurred because of the storm. [GGG/AI's] people… Read More about Paul Malbon

Paul Malbon, General Manager

Best Western Beach Resort

We want to thank you and the team of GGG/Adjusters International for another great job on our claim due to Hurricane Irma. ...Your team thoroughly evaluated our building damages, golf courses, grounds, contents, and… Read More about Jim Pelletier

Jim Pelletier, CFO

The Biltmore Hotel Miami-Coral Gables

... [GGG/AI] leveled the playing field an made sure that we were represented professionally in every aspect of our losses. [The firm's] thorough cataloging and evaluation of our damaged personal property and [the… Read More about Ian Gaum

Ian Gaum, Asset Manager

La Salle Hotel Properties

... GGG had someone onsite within hours of the initial call and thoughtfully managed every subsequent step until claim recovery. [This firm's] involvement in the claims process from day one granted us the peace of mind… Read More about Steve Coe

Steve Coe, Vice President, Asset Management

Pebblebrook Hotel Trust

... We worked with Goodman-Gable-Gould on our extensive property damage claim at Hilton Orlando, and with their guidance were able to realize a very complete and fair settlement. This claim involved significant detailed… Read More about Mindy Minchew

Mindy Minchew, Vice President of Operations

Rida Development Corporation

... It is just so seldom in today's business world that we find someone like [GGG/AI] … [GGG/AI] did exactly what [the firm] said [it] would do ... and were always available to either answer questions or find out the… Read More about Lee A. Raver

Lee A. Raver, President

Sea Foam Properties, Inc.

... I never could receive a good answer as to where I stood with my insurance company. So, against the advice of my insurance agent, I hired [GGG/AI]. [The firm] proved to be invaluable in dealing with the property… Read More about Verne Burlage

Verne Burlage, President

Virginia Beach Hilton Oceanfront