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Government & Non-Profits Insurance Claims

A disaster unexpectedly damages or destroys the property or infrastructure of your community, non-profit, or government organization. It’s enough of a responsibility to focus on everyone’s safety, controlling the damage as much as possible, and maintaining operations. Do you also have the time and knowledge to properly handle your insurance company and get what you are owed from your policy? They will naturally limit their financial exposure to your claim, which will include sending their own team to assess the damage and determine what to pay you. Who then can you trust to protect your interests?

Our professional public adjusters are there to lift that burden from beginning to end in your insurance claim process. We have expertly managed claims for every type of disaster at the regional, state, and national levels. Our unique ability is to mobilize a top team of professionals who have the unmatched experience and comprehensive understanding of the laws, regulations, and policies involving disaster recovery. This enables us to consistently coordinate and obtain the maximum reimbursement for our clients, so that they may recover.

Our focus is maximizing and expediting your financial recovery. Local commitment, personalized service, and proven expertise are the hallmarks of our reputation. We offer:
  • Unparalleled Expertise

    We have more senior-level and certified public adjusting professionals than any other organization. With over forty offices across the U.S. and in Canada, our network gives us the unmatched experience and resources to mobilize a top team of the right professionals to successfully manage and negotiate your claim for any type of disaster, and for the maximum amount.

  • Local Commitment, Global Resources

    Our regional offices are committed to serving our local communities because we are a part of them. We know the particularities of these regions and can quickly assemble a top team of experts to help your recovery.

  • Client Satisfaction

    Our priority is to optimize financial recovery and restore the lives of our clients. From our one-on-one conversations to their recommendation letters and referrals after recovery, we are grateful and proud to know we have played a key role in helping them get back on their feet.

  • Experience

    We have guided thousands of homeowners, business owners, organizations, municipalities, and communities to faster financial recovery after unexpected natural and man-made disasters. From a burst pipe to fire, and every earthquake and hurricane in the last quarter century, we have been there to optimize their financial recovery and help them get back to their lives sooner.

Property Damage Losses Government & Non-Profits Claims Recovery Process

Property Damage
Time Element
Life & Safety Issues
Mitigation of Damages
Establish A Preliminary Recovery Plan
Evaluation of Coverages
Valuation Of Damages, Claim Preparation, and Documentation
Negotiations & Settlement
Restoration Of Property & Operations

What Disasters Do Our Public Adjusters Handle?

Our Public Adjusters can help you recover from any disaster covered under your property insurance policy and its endorsements. 
We have handled claims resulting from:

Fires cause indirect damage from smoke, residue, and water, which can lead to a complex claims process if not accurately documented.

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Wind damage can compromise your property and infrastructure by creating damage that may go undetected.

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Water damage can quickly escalate into extensive and unsafe property damage, and also become a health hazard. It is important to document and handle it immediately.

Learn More

Hurricanes can result in a variety of damages. We understand what to look for and asses the full extent of all losses to maximize your recovery.

Learn More

A potential or sudden structural collapse within your community does not have to bring it down. We can help you recover.

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Hail damage can go unnoticed, incidentally or not. We know where to look and how to prove its total property damage.

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Earthquakes can cause undetected property damage. How can you properly detect and assess the risk?

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Water damage isn’t the only hazard a flood carries to your property. Our expert adjusters evaluate and prove the full scope of loss.

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Wildfires bring devastation. We can help you to recover when we evaluate your damage and help negotiate the maximum claim.

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Winter Damage

Sudden winter storm damage within your community does not have to bring it down. Our expert public adjusters can help you recover.

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The Difference Our Public Adjusters Make

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Recover all possible benefits.
Peace of Mind
We can help you get back to your lives, family, and business.
We cover every part in preparing and settling your claim.
A team of experts on your side.
Only rely on the insurance company's assessments.
Peace of Mind
Stress of navigating a complex and unfamiliar process.
Spend hours/days working on your claim.
Going at it all alone.
With us graphics Without us graphics
Stress bar graphics
Recover all possible benefits.
Only rely on the insurance company's assessments.
We can help you get back to your lives, family, and business.
Peace of Mind
Stress of navigating a complex and unfamiliar process.
We cover every part in preparing and settling your claim.
Spend hours/days working on your claim.
A team of experts on your side.
Going at it all alone.

Government & Non-Profits Our Public Adjusters Have Helped

  • Client References & Testimonials

    Client References

    • 108 Owners Corporation Manhasset Condo
    • 1618 14th Street, NW, LLC
    • 17th Street Revocable Trust
    • 18749C N. Frederick Corporation
    • 2108 Bolton Street
    • 218 East Main Street Partnership
    • 245 Granby, LLC
    • 380 York Road Associates
    • 388028 British Columbia Ltd., Inc.
    • 3D Treats, Inc./dba Dairy Queen
    • 517 S. Broadway, LLC
    • 53rd Street & Madison Tower Development LLC
    • 700 S. Peters Owners Associates
    • 732 Maryland Avenue Partnership
    • 918 North Charles-Acquisition LLC
    • A & D Convenience
    • A & G Management
    • ABC Carpet & Home
    • Aberdeen Village
    • Absecon Home Center
    • Accuworks, Inc.
    • Acme Paper & Supply Co.
    • Acri Graphics
    • ADA Association


    Your knowledge of the complex governmental regulations and equally complex insurance and adjusting issues really helped the County maximize the public assistance that was available after all of these disasters. You delivered what you promised and we are confident in your ability and the ability of your firm to provide these services fully on a technical and professional level, yet be able to translate in a clear and concise manner the intricate and sometimes subjective FEMA regulations which we could not have done without you. Without hesitation we would recommend you and your firm to anyone that is faced with the processing of large and complex disaster loss claims.
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    Salvatore R. Zappulla
    Division Director Monroe County Budget and Finance - Monroe County, Florida
  • Case Studies

    An unprecedented four hurricanes ravaged Florida in 2004—Hurricanes Charley, Jeanne, Ivan, and Frances. Adjusters International was contracted for disaster recovery consulting in August 2004 to assist Lee County, in addition to two of its component cities, Sanibel and Ft. Myers.

Public Adjuster Resources

Insurance is complicated. To help guide you through your claim, our public adjusters have compiled some helpful resources.

Learn The Terminology

Our public adjusters are your prime resource on-site and online in making sure you understand every detail of your insurance claim policy. The following is a list of useful definitions of insurance language you may encounter throughout the insurance claims process.

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