Jacksonville commercial properties are vulnerable to a variety of disasters, like fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and vandalism. If your property suffers a disaster, you will have to take the time to review your insurance policy and file a claim.

This requires complex steps and deadlines that can become overwhelming. Also, in the end, you may think the insurance company’s settlement offer is lower than what you need to rebuild and continue business.

That is why our public adjusters are licensed by the state of Florida to represent Jacksonville commercial policyholders in the claims process. We represent only you, the policyholder, handling every step of the claim and negotiating a fair and equitable settlement on your behalf.

What kinds of disasters cause major property damage in Jacksonville, Florida?

Commercial Fire Damage

Commercial Property Fires

Within a year, the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department responded to over 155,000 fire-related calls. A commercial fire in Jacksonville, FL may start from:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Operational equipment malfunctioning
  • Vandalism

Our expert inventory specialists and forensic accountants will help document and calculate all of the commercial property damage and business interruption damages.

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Tornado Approaching a Residence

Tornado Damage

A Jacksonville tornado can rip away your rooftop and knock down trees and power lines that may interrupt your business operations. Before any tornado warning, Jacksonville, FL commercial policyholders should have a trusted public adjuster on speed dial in case there is tornado damage.

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Flooded Residential Neighborhood


While checking the flood zone map, Jacksonville, FL business owners should also check if they have flood insurance, which is often a separate insurance policy. Do not wait — 43,070 properties have a 26%+ chance of being severely affected by Jacksonville flooding over the next 30 years.

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Hail on the Ground


There were 57 reports of on-the-ground hail in Jacksonville, FL within a year. Hail can puncture rooftops and cause leaking and major water damage. Contact a public adjuster right away to take roof samples, perform a thorough examination of the damage, and document it in your claim.

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Adjusters International Flood Claim

Hurricane Damage

A tropical storm like Hurricane Irma can cause major flooding and unsafe mold growth in your office building or property. When it comes to water damage restoration, Jacksonville, FL policyholders turn to us for tips and recommendations since we have handled claims for nearly every major hurricane to hit the East Coast.

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Why should Jacksonville property owners hire a public adjuster for property damage claims?

The insurance company will have its own team of experts assigned to your claim. This team may include an insurance adjuster, a Jacksonville property appraiser, and other professionals working to protect its financial exposure.

Meanwhile, you will have to protect your property and prevent more damage, attend to customers, review your policy, and organize a detailed claim. It will become another full-time job unless you hire a licensed public adjuster. We are property insurance claim professionals representing your best interests and handling every step of the claim. We level the playing field to make sure there are no obstacles in getting you a fair settlement.

Why use a licensed public adjuster from GGG/AI?

We are the most established and reliable public adjusters in Jacksonville and the state of Florida. Since 1941, our unmatched experience and resources have helped thousands of businesses secure millions in settlements. Insurance companies in Jacksonville, FL have worked with us extensively and know that our expertise is exceptional, which helps avoid unnecessary delays in getting you a fair and equitable settlement.

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