Rely on our licensed property damage insurance claim experts to secure a fair and equitable settlement in a timely manner for you. We are fluent in the property insurance claims process in Florida. We handle your claim in detail, communicate with the insurance company, and make sure requirements are met to avoid delays.

It may be Florida hurricane damage, Florida flooding, fire damage in Jacksonville, Miami, or elsewhere, or business interruption. Our public adjusters will save you time and sanity in a process you are most likely unfamiliar with.

What kinds of disasters cause major property damage in Florida?

Adjusters International Flood Claim

Florida Hurricane Damage

Even if it is not hurricane season, Florida property owners can be prepared with a team of public adjusters on their side ready to help. We specialize in Florida hurricane damage and in documenting the full scope of damage that may occur.

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Hail on the Ground


Does it hail in Florida? Yes. and in the event of a hailstorm, Florida property owners must document all the damage — not just the damage detected by the naked eye. If you suffer property damage after hail in Florida, contact us today for help with your insurance claim.

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Commercial Flood

Florida Flooding

How much is flood insurance in Florida? Is your property within or near the Florida flood zone map? For a claim involving flood insurance, Florida property owners can rely on us to handle every step of the process.

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Tornado in the Sky

Florida Tornados

In the case of a tornado, Florida property owners can expect ripped sidings, destroyed rooftops, and water damage (to only name a few types of damage). The damage may be obvious or hidden to the naked eye. Our team knows what can be missed and will document all the tornado damage for your claim to secure you the best possible settlement.

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Wildfire Consuming a Forest

Florida Wildfire Damage

Check the Florida wildfire map — is your property vulnerable? Florida panhandle wildfire damage can displace your family or interrupt your business indefinitely. That is why it is important to start your property damage claim immediately.

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Adjusters International Fire Claim

Florida Fires

We provide expert assistance after a house fire and after commercial property fires. Our public adjusters help you understand your insurance policy and options in the claims process.

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Why should Florida property owners have a public adjuster on speed dial?

Florida disasters include hurricane damage, wildfire damage, flooding, and more. The need for immediate property damage insurance claim help is a must if you want to protect your family and business in the aftermath. An experienced public adjuster helps you with this. They will become fluent in your insurance policy and will present you with the options as outlined in your insurance policy for the best possible recovery.

The insurance company will be protecting its financial obligation to your claim. A public adjuster protects your interests for a fair and equitable settlement.

Why turn to a licensed public adjuster from Goodman-Gable-Gould/Adjusters International?

Since 1941, we have earned unmatched expertise in the property damage insurance claim process on behalf of many businesses, families, and communities throughout Florida. We have helped home and business owners after major Florida hurricanes, property fires that included catastrophic business interruption damage, flooding, and more.

By consistently securing fair and equitable settlements, policyholders continue to trust us as the best solution for property damage insurance claim management.

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