Why Choose Us?

Since 1941, our team of expert loss consultants has been dedicated to relieving our clients of this burden. We handle every aspect of the claims process, from assessment and documentation to negotiation, ensuring you receive a fair and timely settlement. With GGG/AI by your side, you can focus on what truly matters – the smooth operation of your retail business and serving your customers.

What We Do

Thorough Evaluation: As insurance professionals, we understand all areas of your policy, including coverage limitations, restrictions, ordinary payroll coverage, coinsurance requirements, extended period of indemnity, law and ordinance provisions, policy time-deadlines, etc.

With You the Whole Way: We meet with you often to discuss your business operations and create the right claims strategy to fit your immediate needs and long-term goals. Our experts stay in constant communication with you and the insurance company as we execute a plan that achieves your priorities. We will inspect and document the damaged property thoroughly.

Securing Equitable Settlements: We advocate for a swift and fair settlement from your property insurer to protect your interests and maximize your recovery.

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    In the aftermath of significant property damage, you're left wondering about the best course of action to accelerate your recovery.

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    You contact your insurance company, anticipating that they will promptly send out an adjuster and provide the coverage you have paid for. However, your claim will impact your insurer's financials – will their adjuster look out for your best interests?

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    This dynamic reveals the delicate balance between your needs and the financial intricacies of the insurance industry. Navigating this landscape effectively is crucial to ensure appropriate recovery, in accordance with the coverage you have paid for.

We Can Help

Understanding the "fine print" of your insurance policy before engaging in substantive discussions with your property insurer is essential. How the claim is presented and how the coverage is utilized can make a dramatic difference in your recovery amount. Our in-depth analysis of the policy, and expert guidance, built upon over 80+ years of experience in the insurance claims industry, is invaluable to your full recovery.

Key Considerations for Your Insurance Claim Process

  • Following a property damage loss, what are the duties and responsibilities of the policyholder?
  • Are property owners required by their insurance company to protect the property from further damage and to mitigate the extent of the loss?
  • What if the insurance company’s representatives do not arrive for days – what immediate steps should be taken by the policyholder, if any?
  • Do the vendors insurance companies use work for you or the insurance company?
  • Do you have a coinsurance provision in your policy, and how does that impact your recovery?
  • Who do the improvements & betterments in your building belong to? How do you know which insurance company is responsible for paying for the repair or replacement of damaged improvements & betterments?

Client Success Stories

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As licensed public adjusters, we work exclusively for you to ensure that you secure a fair settlement from your property insurer after a disaster.