Why Choose Us?

Since 1941, our team of expert loss consultants has been dedicated to relieving our clients of this burden. We handle every aspect of the claims process, from assessment and documentation to negotiation, ensuring you receive a fair and timely settlement. With GGG/AI by your side, you can focus on what truly matters – the smooth operation of your manufacturing operation and the satisfaction of your customers.

What We Do

Thorough Evaluation: As insurance professionals, we understand all areas of your policy, including coverage limitations, restrictions, debris removal coverage, coinsurance requirements, extended period of indemnity, law and ordinance provisions, policy time-deadlines, etc.

With You the Whole Way: We meet with you often to discuss your business operations and create the right claims strategy to fit your immediate needs and long-term goals. Our experts stay in constant communication with you and the insurance company as we execute a plan that achieves your priorities. We will inspect and document the damaged property thoroughly.

Securing Equitable Settlements: We advocate for a swift and fair settlement from your property insurer to protect your interests and maximize your recovery.

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    In the aftermath of significant property damage, you're left wondering about the best course of action to accelerate your recovery.

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    You contact your insurance company, anticipating that they will promptly send out an adjuster and provide the coverage you have paid for. However, your claim will impact your insurer's financials – will their adjuster look out for your best interests?

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    This dynamic reveals the delicate balance between your needs and the financial intricacies of the insurance industry. Navigating this landscape effectively is crucial to ensure appropriate recovery, in accordance with the coverage you have paid for.

We Can Help

Understanding the "fine print" of your insurance policy before engaging in substantive discussions with your property insurer is essential. How the claim is presented and how the coverage is utilized can make a dramatic difference in your recovery amount. Our in-depth analysis of the policy, and expert guidance, built upon over 80+ years of experience in the insurance claims industry, is invaluable to your full recovery.

Key Considerations for Your Insurance Claim Process

  • Do the independent equipment and building consultants brought in by the insurance company work for the policyholder or for the insurance company?
  • What are the implications of temporarily producing your product in other owned or non-owned locations?
  • How will increased efficiency and productivity from new equipment affect your claim?
  • How will smoke and water used to fight a fire, or from a water damage incident, affect your machinery, computers, and electronics?
  • Will the insurance company test for hidden damage in electronic components of your machinery?
  • Are you aware of the warranties and protective safeguard requirements in your policy?

The Difference We Make

GGG/AI works exclusively for YOU, the policyholder, not for the insurance company. Our insurance professionals have managed and negotiated thousands of claims after every type of property damage disaster. With offices across the US and an unmatched network of expert resources, we swiftly and equitably navigate the claims process towards successful resolution.

Client Success Stories

... Our claim included damaged property, business interruption expenses, and lost business. The professional staff at Goodman-Gable-Gould, plus their outside team of experts, provided Lamart with the necessary… Read More about Jonathan Hirsh

Jonathan Hirsh, President and Director

Lamart Corporation

... [GGG/Adjusters International] assessed and documented the damage to our building and inventory. They handled all communications with our insurance adjuster. Most importantly, they gave us peace of mind during our… Read More about Gregory & Ronda Kundrat

Gregory & Ronda Kundrat, Business Owners

EnSoul Music Designs

... [GGG/Adjusters International] promptly reviewed our layered insurance policies, had personnel dispatched immediately to the loss site to help coordinate protection and security issues, and developed a solid outline… Read More about Dr. Saurabh Naik

Dr. Saurabh Naik, CEO

Intercontinental Export Import Inc.

... [GGG/Adjusters International] moved quickly and efficiently; reviewed insurance policies, answered questions and assured me that GGG's team would respond to our needs. More important [the team] would be available to… Read More about Peter G. Demetriades

Peter G. Demetriades, President


... From the start, [GGG/Adjusters International] walked us through the insurance contract and addressed all buckets of coverage that were available to us. That proved very beneficial in identifying all potential issues… Read More about Monte Booher

Monte Booher, Plant Controller

Toray Plastics (America), Inc.

... we quickly decided to retain Adjusters International as our representative.

Emergency repairs were initiated the day after the explosion. Within hours of retaining [GGG/Adjusters International its] staff of… Read More about Wayne M. Naylor

Wayne M. Naylor, Assistant Treasurer & Director of Risk Management

York International Corporation

... GGG/AI immediately put together your team of experts that were needed to properly document and value our losses, including a building cost estimator, personal property expert, a seasoned equipment and machinery… Read More about Matt O'Malley

Matt O'Malley, Business Owner

O'Malley Timber Products, LLC

The leadership team at Atlantic Veneer Corporation would like to express our sincerest gratitude to [GGG/Adjusters International] for taking the lead in claims recovery during a period when the team's focus was… Read More about Michael Kraszeski

Michael Kraszeski, President

Atlantic Veneer Corporation

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Client References

As licensed public adjusters, we work exclusively for you to ensure that you secure a fair settlement from your property insurer after a disaster.