We are your trusted advisor, negotiating on your behalf to get a fair and equitable settlement from your insurer.

Why Adjusters International

How We Can Help

We strategize with you to create and activate the right claims strategy to take care of your immediate needs and long-term goals. We bring together a team of forensic accountants, contents specialists, construction estimators, and trusted advisors to ensure that we have the best evidence to create a detailed and comprehensive hurricane damage insurance claim.

Our public adjusters are insurance experts and will conduct a full review of your policy to identify coverage options and restrictions, limitations, and coinsurance requirements. We correctly evaluate and document your property damage and the income lost from business interruption and negotiate a fair and equitable settlement.

What to Focus on After a Hurricane

Before engaging your insurance company, consider the following questions. Contact us for the answers and a complimentary review of your claim.

  • How can I minimize the toll on my customers and employees?
  • How can I get insurance to pay for hurricane damage?
  • What is the difference between a public adjuster and a company or independent insurance adjuster?
  • How much time will I need to dedicate to handling the insurance claim?
  • What is my insurance agent's/broker’s role in the process? When faced with supporting my position, with whom will they stand?
  • Am I entitled to an advance from the insurance company?

Our Results

Your knowledge of the complex governmental regulations and equally complex insurance and adjusting issues really helped the County maximize the public assistance that was available after all of these disasters. You… Read More about Salvatore R. Zappulla

Salvatore R. Zappulla, Division Director Monroe County Budget and Finance

Monroe County, Florida

I would like to take this time to personally thank the AI Liaison staff for the remarkable job and the accomplishments performed during recovery efforts associated with FEMA 1589 DR NY. ...The total goal achieved was… Read More about John J. Fink

John J. Fink, Recovery Supervisor

New York State Emergency Management Office

I wanted to thank you for the excellent outcome and services you provided to us regarding our property claim in Naples, Florida, following the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma in 2017. The claim was complicated due… Read More about Gabrielle G. Gordon

Gabrielle G. Gordon, Director, Finance

Pebblebrook Hotel Trust - LaPlaya Naples Beach Resort & Club

DCL's settlement exceeded expectations by 60+%. The expertise of GGG[/Adjusters International and] their accounting and inventory firm, Rollins Accounting... made the complex task of working the insurance policy… Read More about Peter L. Kazunas

Peter L. Kazunas, President, CEO

DCL Mooring & Rigging

When our building was severely damaged... we contacted our insurance company to cover the [loss and] were told by them that the loss did not exceed our deductible of $220,000... As a result of [GGG/AI's] activity, the… Read More about A. B. Finestone

A. B. Finestone, President

The Lincoln Tower

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help in resolving the claim for Highpointe. We are so glad [GGG/Adjusters International was] recommended to us. We were impressed by your dedication… Read More about Gregory L. Weekley, CHAE

Gregory L. Weekley, CHAE, Vice President/Controller

Highpointe Hotel Corporation

We soon found that no claim is cut and dry and [GGG/AI's] team of professionals successfully identified and developed models for loss of income, as well as, replacement cost for our equipment that allowed us to… Read More about George F. Hamner, Jr.

George F. Hamner, Jr., President

Indian River Exchange Packers, Inc.

The primary objective of EWC was to get its plant back on line as quickly as possible because many of our customers were without water service... [GGG/AI] diligently assisted us in the preparation of our claim and… Read More about Sylvia Hellman

Sylvia Hellman, Risk Manager

Elizabethtown Water Company

Upon retaining the services of Adjusters International... [the firm] immediately went to work negotiating with both flood and wind insurance. We found [GGG/AI's] work ethics to be both professional and caring. It was… Read More about Stephen J. Hissey

Stephen J. Hissey, President

Pelican's Roost of Hatteras Inc

From the beginning of our association [GGG/AI] brought tremendous energy, drive and commitment to our recovery effort. Within two months [GGG/AI] successfully negotiated a settlement with our primary carrier. This was a… Read More about Suzon W. Franzke

Suzon W. Franzke, Vice President of Legal Administration

The New Piper Aircraft, Inc.

I am confident that without [GGG/AI's] involvement from the outset, the ultimate success of our claim would have been severely damaged. [GGG/AI's] ability to immediately grasp the nuances of our situation, work the… Read More about Christopher W. Robertson

Christopher W. Robertson, Managing Member

Poydras Properties, LLC

... It is just so seldom in today's business world that we find someone like [GGG/AI] … [GGG/AI] did exactly what [the firm] said [it] would do ... and were always available to either answer questions or find out the… Read More about Lee A. Raver

Lee A. Raver, President

Sea Foam Properties, Inc.

From the very beginning [GGG/AI] assured me that [the firm] could help with an estimate of damages... they pointed out numerous things, having significance to them, but not to me; I realized that I had more damage than… Read More about Juanita B. Kincaid

Juanita B. Kincaid, Business Owner

Casa Marina Motor Lodge

Our initial concern about being able to successfully negotiate and handle our own insurance settlement led us to retain [GGG/AI]… Having watched [the] firm in negotiations with our insurance company, I can now confirm… Read More about Doug Martin

Doug Martin, Business Owner


... We have been through hurricanes before and got very little from the insurance companies. So, I speak from experience when I say the adjusting firm did a fabulous job ... I would recommend their services to one and… Read More about Carol Ann Angelo

Carol Ann Angelo, Business Owner

Jolly Roger Restaurant & Bar

... [GGG/AI] immediately had [staff] on site doing a very in-depth inspection of the property damage and later conducting a thorough analysis of the loss of income that occurred because of the storm. [GGG/AI's] people… Read More about Paul Malbon

Paul Malbon, General Manager

Best Western Beach Resort

We want to thank you and the team of GGG/Adjusters International for another great job on our claim due to Hurricane Irma. ...Your team thoroughly evaluated our building damages, golf courses, grounds, contents, and… Read More about Jim Pelletier

Jim Pelletier, CFO

The Biltmore Hotel Miami-Coral Gables

... [GGG/AI] leveled the playing field an made sure that we were represented professionally in every aspect of our losses. [The firm's] thorough cataloging and evaluation of our damaged personal property and [the… Read More about Ian Gaum

Ian Gaum, Asset Manager

La Salle Hotel Properties

... I never could receive a good answer as to where I stood with my insurance company. So, against the advice of my insurance agent, I hired [GGG/AI]. [The firm] proved to be invaluable in dealing with the property… Read More about Verne Burlage

Verne Burlage, President

Virginia Beach Hilton Oceanfront

... At the onset, GGG/AI was there on-site, surveying and documenting the damage, engaging in walk-throughs with their in-house building estimators, Atlantic Estimating, and generally relieving Treetop of a tremendous… Read More about Adam Mermelstein

Adam Mermelstein, Managing Member

Treetop Development

Thank you for allowing me to express my gratitude and to personally recommend [GGG/AI]. I feel as if we have been partners since 2005, when Hurricane Katrina hit the coastal shorelines of Louisiana, Mississippi and… Read More about Nancy Massenburg

Nancy Massenburg, Director of Insurance

Prudential Financial

... After an extensive review of the insurance program, [GGG/Adjusters International] created an excellent claim strategy based on the needs of Hilton Corporate, the asset managers for Thayer/Brookfield, and our Hilton… Read More about Randy P. Gaines

Randy P. Gaines, VP of Operations & New Project Development - Americas

Hilton Worldwide

... There were many significant loss measurement and policy application challenges in the adjustment of our claims, all of which [GGG/Adjusters International] addressed and resolved successfully on our behalf. It is… Read More about David Moinian

David Moinian, President

Sugar Bay Resort and Club

... I was very pleasantly surprised by [GGG/Adjusters International's] aggressive, but even handed and collegial approach to the claims process. While you were never antagonistic, you got your point across to our… Read More about Kathryn Gregorio

Kathryn Gregorio, Senior Vice President

Brookfield Real Estate Financial Partners

... As we approach the second anniversary of epic storms that caused unprecedented damage across the southeastern United States in April 2011, we are reminded of how much Peco Foods values our outstanding relationship… Read More about Mark Hickman

Mark Hickman, President and CEO