We focus on helping you restore your business as quickly as possible. We evaluate, document, and prove the full scope of loss and negotiate your claim to ensure an equitable recovery.

Why Adjusters International

How We Can Help

Since 1941, Goodman-Gable-Gould/Adjusters International has been helping businesses of all sizes in all industries along the East Coast, from New York City to Florida, manage their fire insurance claims. We strategize with you to create and activate the right claims strategy to take care of your immediate needs and long-term goals. We bring together a team of experts that includes forensic accountants, contents specialists, construction estimators, and trusted advisors to ensure that we have gathered the best evidence to create a detailed and comprehensive claim.

Our insurance professionals are fluent in your policy’s coverage and remove the possibility of an unreasonable damage assessment from your insurance company. We correctly evaluate and document your property damage and the income lost from business interruption. We present a detailed claim and negotiate a fair and equitable settlement.

What to Focus on After a Fire

Before engaging your insurance company, consider the following questions. Contact us for the answers and to discuss your claim.

  • The insurance company hired a construction estimator. What do I need to know?
  • What is the difference between a public adjuster and a building contractor evaluating the damage?
  • What is my agent's/broker’s role?
  • Why is a claims strategy so important?
  • Can smoke damage be removed or neutralized?
  • Am I impacted by coinsurance?

Our Results

... We would like to say how appreciative we are for [GGG/AI's] professionalism and for the successful resolution of our insurance claim. Prior to seeking [the firm's] assistance, picking up the pieces and tackling the… Read More about David & Dana Best

David & Dana Best, Owners

3-D Treats, Inc/dba Dairy Queen

Our loss was complicated and [GGG/Adjusters International's] expertise and experience was very helpful in settling this claim. The settlement was very satisfactory and prompt... [The] firm has demonstrated that it has… Read More about Wendell Payne

Wendell Payne, President

Albertville Quality Foods, Inc.

At all times during the claim process, Goodman-Gable-Gould/Adjusters International... conducted themselves in a professional manner. The claim they prepared was detailed, comprehensive, and included numerous items… Read More about Nish Patel

Nish Patel, Vice President

Global Building Company

... GGG had someone onsite within hours of the initial call and thoughtfully managed every subsequent step until claim recovery. [This firm's] involvement in the claims process from day one granted us the peace of mind… Read More about Steve Coe

Steve Coe, Vice President, Asset Management

Pebblebrook Hotel Trust

[GGG/AI] clarified questions that we had about our coverage and set forward a path that would lead us to great results. Everybody from [the] organization was diligent with regard to the timeliness of their work and… Read More about William J. Fleischer

William J. Fleischer, President

Harbond Associates Limited Partnership

The catastrophic fire at our funeral home represented a major loss for us. This was compounded because the fire arson related, which could have meant that our claim would take months to process. However, because of… Read More about Leonard Hicks

Leonard Hicks, President

Callahan-Hicks Funeral Home

On the day of the apartment fire, my wife and I were extremely distraught with our catastrophic loss... Before we had even signed a contract, [GGG/AI] had construction experts on the fire site taking pictures and… Read More about George T. Vincent Jr.

George T. Vincent Jr., Business Owner

Colonial Hardware

... [GGG/AI's] professional guidance during our initial meetings with the insurance company's independent adjuster and their home office claims supervisor, totally laid the foundation for affecting the ultimate… Read More about Ronald B. Nissenbaum

Ronald B. Nissenbaum, President

Humphreys - Textile Products

The guidance and assistance received from [GGG/AI] were invaluable at keeping the Jazz at Lincoln Center project on track. Of particular importance was the insistence of the GGG/AI team that the performance facility be… Read More about Karen Ann Shafer

Karen Ann Shafer, Project Administrator

Jazz at Lincoln Center

Securing appropriate payment on insurance claims is not an easy task, but [GGG/AI's] persistence and tenacity on our behalf is always appreciated. We know that GGG/AI is a Lerner advocate, and [the firm's] adjusters… Read More about Jay E. Shankman

Jay E. Shankman, Managing Director


I can truly say... the whole staff at Adjusters International did a remarkable job for our corporation. We had to concentrate on getting back in business fast... I certainly feel that Adjusters International with their… Read More about Quinton Macon, Sr.

Quinton Macon, Sr., Vice President

Macon's Restaurant Furniture and Repair Inc.

[Retaining GGG/AI] was one of the best decisions I ever made. Within two hours after signing a contract, crews were in place performing emergency repairs to secure our building. In the days following I had to be out of… Read More about Lewis F. Pursley, Jr.

Lewis F. Pursley, Jr., President

Redrock Custom Carpets Inc.

I believe it accurate to say that Roger Wood's fire would have been more devastating if we had not employed the services of [GGG/AI]. Due to our lack of experience in these matters, thankfully, and our focused time… Read More about David Solana

David Solana, President

Roger Wood Foods

In our opinion there is no more talented a group of individuals than [GGG/AI's] team.... There is no way that the property could have reopened in such a timely manner without the skills provided by Rollins [Accounting… Read More about Edward J. Blum

Edward J. Blum, Vice President

Patriot American Hospitality Inc.

... [GGG/AI's] vast knowledge and experience with insurance policies and insurance adjusters enabled [the firm] to reach a settlement for us that was more than fair and exceeded our expectations. [The firm's] detail to… Read More about Leona Ragan

Leona Ragan, Vice-President of Finance

Joe Ragan's Coffee, Ltd.

... Our fire left us in a very vulnerable situation. As [the professionals at GGG/AI] know we thought we could take care of the claim ourselves but seemed to get nowhere. When Goodman-Gable-Gould stepped in and went to… Read More about John M. Bille, CCM

John M. Bille, CCM, Acting General Manager

Woodmont Country Club

... We had no idea of the work involved in making and settling an insurance claim, and [GGG/AI] assured us that Goodman-Gable-Gould/Adjusters International would take care of everything --- from taking inventory to… Read More about Radlyn C. Mendoza

Radlyn C. Mendoza, Business Owner

Mendoza's International Foods

... [The professionals at GGG/AI's] ability to interpret the details of the policy allowed us to maximize our recovery from such a devastating loss. The attention to detail in the business income calculation was… Read More about Grace E. Trepasso, CPA

Grace E. Trepasso, CPA, Controller

American Cedar Millwork

... [GGG/AI] took a tremendous load off of us by handling all aspects of our claim. [The firm] made sure we took advantage of all the facets of our policy; taught us the most expeditious ways of doing the paperwork and… Read More about Skip West

Skip West, President

DesignTech International, Inc.

... all the people at Goodman-Gable-Gould/Adjusters International conducted themselves professionally and delivered very high-quality products. [GGG/AI] saved me untold hours and aggravation and saved the association a… Read More about Gary W. Donnelly, CAE

Gary W. Donnelly, CAE, President

National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association

... I know that we could not have resolved this matter satisfactorily without [GGG/AI's] involvement. Everyone that we worked with ... was professional, courteous and competent. The advice that was given by [GGG/AI… Read More about David J. Schwaber

David J. Schwaber

Monarch Rubber Company

... I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the excellent job done by [GGG/AI] in the settlement of the fire we experienced ...
I feel that without [the firm's] expert help, our settlement… Read More about Hans J. Leonhardt

Hans J. Leonhardt, Business Owner

Leonhardt Manufacturing Co., Inc.

... There were two principal areas in which [GGG/AI] excelled, they were - “Communications” and “Results.” I was informed timely by [GGG/AI] associates during every step of the adjustment process ... The results were… Read More about Joseph S. Brown, Jr.

Joseph S. Brown, Jr., Senior VP

Dupont Plaza Hotel, Inc.

... Throughout the claim process, I was impressed by [GGG/AI's] ability to measure every aspect of our loss carefully, gather detailed information from numerous experts while keeping a watchful eye on all of the experts… Read More about Darion Dunn

Darion Dunn, Managing Partner

Atlantica Properties

... From the beginning, Goodman, Gable and Gould assisted us by managing the reimbursements for residents, their lodging and as a result earned theirs and our goodwill. During reconstruction GGG worked with us and the… Read More about Leonard Frenkil

Leonard Frenkil, President

WPM Multifamily Real Estate

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help in resolving the claim for the Arthur Capper seniors fire loss. Our partners at Brookfield Properties, the DC Housing authority and we greatly… Read More about Vicki Davis

Vicki Davis, Managing Partner

Urban Atlantic

... Our claim included damaged property, business interruption expenses, and lost business. The professional staff at Goodman-Gable-Gould, plus their outside team of experts, provided Lamart with the necessary… Read More about Jonathan Hirsh

Jonathan Hirsh, President and Director

Lamart Corporation

... [GGG/Adjusters International] assessed and documented the damage to our building and inventory. They handled all communications with our insurance adjuster. Most importantly, they gave us peace of mind during our… Read More about Gregory & Ronda Kundrat

Gregory & Ronda Kundrat, Business Owners

EnSoul Music Designs

... [GGG/Adjusters International] promptly reviewed our layered insurance policies, had personnel dispatched immediately to the loss site to help coordinate protection and security issues, and developed a solid outline… Read More about Dr. Saurabh Naik

Dr. Saurabh Naik, CEO

Intercontinental Export Import Inc.

... [GGG/Adjusters International] moved quickly and efficiently; reviewed insurance policies, answered questions and assured me that GGG's team would respond to our needs. More important [the team] would be available to… Read More about Peter G. Demetriades

Peter G. Demetriades, President


... From the start, [GGG/Adjusters International] walked us through the insurance contract and addressed all buckets of coverage that were available to us. That proved very beneficial in identifying all potential issues… Read More about Monte Booher

Monte Booher, Plant Controller

Toray Plastics (America), Inc.

... we quickly decided to retain Adjusters International as our representative.

Emergency repairs were initiated the day after the explosion. Within hours of retaining [GGG/Adjusters International its] staff of… Read More about Wayne M. Naylor

Wayne M. Naylor, Assistant Treasurer & Director of Risk Management

York International Corporation

... GGG/AI immediately put together your team of experts that were needed to properly document and value our losses, including a building cost estimator, personal property expert, a seasoned equipment and machinery… Read More about Matt O'Malley

Matt O'Malley, Business Owner

O'Malley Timber Products, LLC

The leadership team at Atlantic Veneer Corporation would like to express our sincerest gratitude to [GGG/Adjusters International] for taking the lead in claims recovery during a period when the team's focus was… Read More about Michael Kraszeski

Michael Kraszeski, President

Atlantic Veneer Corporation

... [GGG/Adjusters International's] work product and advice was sound, accurate and thoughtful, and your knowledge of the market and experience was invaluable considering our relative lack of familiarity with this… Read More about Marjorie Gannett

Marjorie Gannett, General Counsel

Combined Properties

... [GGG/Adjusters International] was able to guide me through the negotiations with our insurance company for the real property, personal property, extra expenses, and business interruption. This allowed me to focus on… Read More about Robert Fogarty

Robert Fogarty, Business Owner

Sport Automotive

... I am thrilled that I took Denny's recommendation and hired Goodman-Gable-Gould to represent us in sorting through this $100 million plus claim. Over the course of the next 15 months, I never once felt that you or… Read More about Donald C. Wood

Donald C. Wood, President and CEO

Federal Realty Investment Trust

... Securing appropriate payment on insurance claims is not an easy task, but your persistence and tenacity on our behalf is always appreciated. We know that GGG/AI is a Lerner advocate, and your adjusters always keep… Read More about Jay E. Shankman

Jay E. Shankman, Managing Director/Property Maangement

Lerner Enterprises

... It is not something you ever want to say you want to happen, but if it does, we know exactly whom to call. Goodman-Gable-Gould/Adjusters International put us back in control and allowed us to manage "our" normal… Read More about Tom Wilkinson

Tom Wilkinson, Manager

Franklin Development Group, LLC

... We credit [GGG/Adjusters International] for actively getting the lawyers to respond, in networking with the insurance agents, and getting all parties to move toward a decision; much sooner than we think they would… Read More about Mary Dungee & Goldwire Jackson

Mary Dungee & Goldwire Jackson, Trustees

New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church

... After much investigation we felt comfortable with [GGG/Adjusters International] representing us; and from the time we started the process [GGG/AI was] very professional about their business working for us to get us… Read More about Albert L. Davis, Sr.

Albert L. Davis, Sr., Trustee

Eastern United Methodist Church

... We first engaged GGG/AI on just one portion of our claim. Immediately, it became apparent how dedicated your team was and we brought you on board on all aspects of our damage measurement and claim negotiations… Read More about Shelore Ann Cary Williams

Shelore Ann Cary Williams, Esquire

Law Offices W. Alton Lewis Shelore Ann Cary Williams

... Every square inch of our facility was affected in some way by the fire, but your team was able to negotiate a very favorable outcome which allowed us to fully renovate the entire facility. Without [GGG/Adjusters… Read More about Collie W. Lehn

Collie W. Lehn, Chairman of the Board

Carolina Christian Ministries, Inc.

... Through [GGG/Adjusters International's] hard work and expert guidance, we were ultimately able to receive all possible business property dollars and most importantly settle the loss of income at a figure much larger… Read More about Nikki Furman

Nikki Furman, Business Owner

B's Cracklin BBQ Atlanta LLC

... I engaged [GGG/Adjusters International] to help process this claim and to see that it would be handled in my best interest. [GGG/AI was] able to successfully secure a fair settlement that allowed us to become the… Read More about Jearald D. Cable, Ph.D

Jearald D. Cable, Ph.D, Owner

The Tobacco Company Restaurant

... As we approach the second anniversary of epic storms that caused unprecedented damage across the southeastern United States in April 2011, we are reminded of how much Peco Foods values our outstanding relationship… Read More about Mark Hickman

Mark Hickman, President and CEO


... [GGG/Adjusters International's] team of experts immediately got to work. We had a total loss at the slaughterhouse; however our carrier remained adamant that some of the losses could be recuperated. GGG/AI got to… Read More about Tom Piggot & RC Hunt & Barrett Twitty

Tom Piggot & RC Hunt & Barrett Twitty, Partners

Nash Pigg/Custom Quality Packers

... we were faced with a complicated claim and an obstinate adversarial Adjuster and [GGG/Adjusters International] patiently and cleverly excelled in achieving a fair settlement given the limitations of our policy. [The… Read More about Sam Chabbott

Sam Chabbott

America's Kids

... Instead of continuing to deal with the insurer ourselves, the owner of our company contacted ... Goodman-Gable-Gould/Adjusters International. [GGG/AI] immediately brought a sense of calm and direction for handling a… Read More about Joseph M. Rinaldo

Joseph M. Rinaldo, Financial Manager

Comfort Supply, Inc.

... [GGG/Adjusters International's] ability to bring on professional support personnel to support the claim was very impressive. From the coordination of Engineering and Accounting professionals your "Team" worked… Read More about Steve Mitnick

Steve Mitnick, President and CEO


... the GGG team brought peace of mind to an incredibly stressful situation, patiently and confidentially answered all of my questions and kept me updated throughout the entire process. The decision to engage [GGG's… Read More about Wyman Walden

Wyman Walden, Business Owner

C & W Hardware

... We cannot begin to thank [GGG/Adjusters International] enough for all your efforts after a devastating fire destroyed our Franklin Ford dealership ... We will be forever thankful that [GGG/AI] arrived at our… Read More about C. Hammond & Bryan Rauers

C. Hammond & Bryan Rauers, Business Owners

Franklin Ford