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Public Adjusters for Marine Damage

Disaster damages your vessel or its cargo. Will your marine insurance cover this specific situation? Our team of professionals are experts in marine claims and can help you smoothly navigate the insurance claim process. We evaluate your loss in detail and negotiate on your behalf for maximum claim recovery.

If it’s the boat of your dreams or the way you make your living, we are specialists in marine claims, there to optimize your recovery and get you back on the water.

If your boat, yacht, or vessel is damaged, it will be up to you, the policyholder, to provide proof of loss to your insurance company. Can you identify and prove the full extent of the damage? Will your insurance company send their own marine claims adjuster? Unlike any other line of insurance, marine underwriting has evolved over the centuries and few people understand the unique nature of it and what it can cover. Fortunately, our team of specialists does.

Financial losses can include much more than repairs to your boat. What about the valuable contents within the vessel? Are there charter losses and sue and labor charges to consider? Were third parties involved in the disaster? Your insurance company has a marine surveyor to represent their interests in these circumstances. Our surveyors and marine claims professionals work only for you, and consider all possible elements as we properly evaluate, document, and negotiate your claim for the maximum amount.

What To Focus On After Marine Damage

Make sure you fully understand the meaning of each of the following before you move forward. Feel free to reach out to us for a no-cost discussion about your claim.
  • In your marine insurance policy, what does physical damage coverage pay for?
  • What does liability coverage pay for?
  • Does your policy include coverage for the removal or disposal of the wreck?
  • Does my policy cover contamination and clean-up expenses caused by my vessel?
  • What is inland marine coverage and why would you consider it?
  • Do you have an Actual Cash Value policy or an Agreed Value policy? What’s the difference?

Property Damage Losses Commercial Claims Recovery Process

Property Damage
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