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With Hurricane Irene on the Horizon, Is Your Insurance Policy Up-To-Date?

In his most recent article, "Let Hurricane Irene's Path Serve as a Wake-up Call: Floridians need to make sure they're ready with insurance coverage" Goodman-Gable-Gould/Adjusters International's Vice President Pat Cuccaro calls attention to the importance of having a comprehensive and up-to-date insurance policy. While geared toward the people of Florida, it is a good reminder to all property owners to review their insurance coverages.

"...Preparing in advance for a storm is one of the most important things a Floridian can do, and most know to stock up on batteries, water and plywood. But what about insurance preparations?

Many insurance companies have made significant changes to their policies in recent years. Have you checked your insurance policy lately? If you're like a sizable number of Floridians, the answer is no, which means you might be unaware of any changes your insurance company has made to your windstorm coverage."

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