Preferred Vendors: Their Place in Your Insurance Claim

When you suffer major damage to your home or business, the complicated insurance claims process that follows is compounded by the stress of choosing the contractors to complete the repairs. Oftentimes your insurance company will recommend hiring those from their list of preferred vendors. While there are pros and cons to hiring contractors from your insurance company's list, choosing the right professional for your job is an important decision — and the choice of is yours. Goodman-Gable-Gould/Adjusters International's Vice President Pat Cuccaro addresses this topic in his recently published article "Hiring Contractors to Repair Your Home."

"...Even though a contractor may be recommended by the insurer, any contract you sign is between you and the contractor. If you dispute the quality of the repair, it is still your responsibility, and not that of the insurance company, to resolve that dispute.

We encourage policyholders to explore their options and hire the contractors whom they believe will provide the highest quality work at the best price..." said Cuccaro.

The complete article is available online at SunSentinel.com.